Our Products

Highly recognized in international customers. Made based on caring concept started from raw material to finished product. Food safety, best quality and utmost customer satisfaction are our aim.

Gravure Printing Bag

Not just ordinary printing but it creates realistic looked either in glossy or matt finished style. It could enhance your uniqueness and create premium branding. We could print up to 10 colors with up-to-date gravure printing machines. This type of bag is widely used in high value added products, especially in consumer foods, pet food, aqua feed and high-end packaging products.

Realistic look. All could be in custom made designs and served in different closure not only standard sewing but also easy opening or heat sealable pinch style. It is also be able to include such as handle, stamping or liner inserting.

Woven Bag

Ideal for durability and strength. Mainly used in animal feeds, fertilizer, rice, sugar, flour, etc. Available to supply in clear, natural milky white or colored bags. Bags could be customized according to loading weight, printing, quality and cost required.

It is widely used in commodity packing such as animal feed, fertilizer, wheat, rice, and etc. This woven bag is outstanding in balancing durability and cost effectiveness. This product has excellent strength and stiffness. We are better than other in quality control standard with more severe in drop test, lab test and strictly production process control.

Laminated Bag

A bag which is increased strength by polypropylene coating while having ability to create attractive look with water proof and anti-slip ability.

Lamination can increase the strength of the bag while retaining its attractive look. It is rigid, strong, moisture proof. The surface of the bag can be either glossy or matt appearance. Design and color could be either on flexography or gravure printing. The bags are also ideal for stacking with high anti slip ability. It is widely used for special packing in rice, animal feeds, nutrition food, fertilizer, chemical application, etc.

Half Tone Printing Bag

Half tone printing bag provides differentiation in grey realistic looked design. The bag is strong and durable.

Our unique technique in creating special half tone printing on flexo technology that creates a classic and realistic look while providing customer brand distinctiveness and make your packaging more attractive and distinct than others with valuable pricing offered.